Paiste 101 Brass 20″ Ride


101 Brass Ride

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Series Description: Ushering in a higher standard of sound and durability, the 101 series stay true to the renown Paiste quality whilst offering an affordable option for the aspiring drummer looking for high performance and quality sound at an attainable price. Nothing is sacrificed in the pursuit of performance, the tonal properties of these cymbals are bright and pronounced, they punch well above their weight and perform within any musical context be it soft and subtle or heavy and bold. Supplied as individual units or pre-configured box sets, a wide selection is available to ensure you have the best tools at your disposal as you begin your musical journey.

Size: 20″

Weight: medium heavy

Volume: soft to medium loud

Stick Sound: balanced

Intensity: medium lively

Sustain: medium

Bell Character: full, integrated

Sound Character: Fairly dark, full, focused. Narrow range, clean mix. Soft, balanced feel. Sizzly ping over sweet, mellow, warm wash. Controllable ride for multi-purpose application.

Additional information

Weight 70.5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 0.069 in


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