6.5×14 Gretsch Hammered Black Steel Snare Drum


6.5×14 Full Range Snare

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Gretsch’s 6.5×14 Hammered Black Steel Snare Drum is … simply put, a unique drum … both visually and sonically. We started with our1.2mm steel shell and added large hammering impressions to it resulting in a focused tone with a slightly dryer overall attack. This not only adds to the overall sound but also it gives this versatile drum a stunning visual appeal, making them an integral additional to any setup. · 1.2mm Hammered Black Steel · 45 Degree Bearing Edge · 4mm Die Cast Hoops · 10 Lugs · Drum heads by Remo


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Weight 12.78 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 9 in