Gibraltar Bass Drum Hoop Mic Mount



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The Bass Drum Hoop Mic Mount allows you to mount your bass drum mic to the front hoop of your bass drum. The Gibraltar Deluxe Hoop Clamp is lined with a rubber guard to prevent any marring of the hoop when attaching. Easily position the mic with the 8 inch. gooseneck that threads on to the post of the hoop clamp. This accessory is great for players who want to remove the mice stand from the front of their bass drum. Features include: · Mount bass drum mic to the front bass drum hoop · Deluxe hoop clamp with rubber guard for hoop protection · 8 inch. gooseneck · Perfect for micing your bass drum without mic stand

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Weight 0.9 lbs
Dimensions 12.25 × 4 × 1.28 in