Bronze Sparkle Gretsch Catalina Club 3 Piece Shell Pack (20/12/14)


Bronze Sparkle Catalina Club

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Gretsch Catalina Club has received world-wide acclaim as the perfect drum kit for drummers who need a smaller sized professional grade kit that simply looks and sounds fantastic. Commonly used by many Gretsch artists as their in-town kit, the CT1-J483 configuration is very reasonable in price. Catalina Club is the smartest selection you’ll make when searching for a paired down kit used for tight spaced rehearsal rooms or if you’re carrying them around town from club to club. · 14×20 Bass Drum, 8×12 Rack Toms, 14×14 Floor Tom · Gretsch Formula 7 Ply Mahogany ·30 Degree Bearing Edge · Triple Flanged Hoops · Remo Drumheads


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Weight 48.43 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 22.75 × 16.5 in