Paiste Formula 602 18″ Paperthin


Formula 602 Paperthin

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One of the world’s most referred and legendary cymbal lines in history. Renowned and loved for its fine, pure, soft, delicate musical tone that requires precise playing.

Alloy: CuSn20, also known as “Traditional Bronze” or “602 Bronze”

Applications: Low to medium loud settings, especially well-suited for recording, live; jazz, fusion, blues, moderate pop and rock, country folk, acoustic music

Sound: Warm, silvery, mellow, cool, light, fine, precise and controlled; Cymbals with clarity and retro vintage character combined with a velvety, sensitive, very responsive feel.

Size: 18-inches

Weight: extra thin

Volume: soft to medium loud

Stick Sound: washy

Intensity: fairly lively

Sustain: medium

Sound character: Warm, silvery, airy with a mystical touch. Medium wide range, farily complex mix. Very soft, papery feel. Very responsive. A graceful crash cymbal for delicate, sensitive playing with light sticks, brushes, rods and hands. Well suited for mallet rolls.

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