Gretsch 8X14 Swamp Dawg Mahogany Snare Drum


Full Range Snare

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Dubbed the Swamp Dawg, this multi-faceted drum is a versatile addition to the Full Range series. The deep 8×14 mahogany shell, when tuned low, creates a swampy, dark, throaty, low-fi timbre reminiscent of historic recordings from the 1970s. At mid and higher tunings, the Swamp Dawg cuts with saturating attack and full body. The 6-ply mahogany shell, 8 tube lugs, and triple flange hoops work together to let the drum open up and breath while the 42-strand snare wires and double-ply, coated Remo® Emperor batter head give the drum extra bite and playability. · 6 Ply Mahogany Shell · 30 Degree Bearing Edge · 2.3 mm Triple Flanged Hoops · 8 Tube Lugs · Drum heads by Remo


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Weight 10.45 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 10.25 in