Hendrix Drums Perfect Ply Walnut 3 Piece Shell Pack Gloss Naturel


Thin 5mm Shells -4 Ply w/ Reinforcement Rings
9×12 16×16 16×22 (depth X diam)

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Thin 5mm Shells -4 Ply w/ Reinforcement Rings

Walnut is a medium dense hardwood that has quickly become the most requested wood from our customers. In addition to it beautiful looks, it has a warm rounded deep tone with the coveted punchy low end that so many of today’s drummers are looking for. With our 5mm thin shells, the drums speak clearly at low volumes and the warm resonance sounds like a dream live and in the studio.

9×12 16×16 16×22 (depth X diam), S-Hoops, proprietary¬† aluminum lugs, Hendrix sleeved washers, Remo USA heads.