MEINL Classics Custom Dark Cymbal Pack

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Classics Custom cymbals from MEINL are designed to cut above the roar of guitars, doing most of the work for you so you don’t have to play as hard to be heard. MEINL utilizes a B10 bronze alloy to make these cymbal packs a loud and bright punch with rich musical tones.

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Classics Custom Dark Cymbals undergo a special finishing process that leaves the cymbals with a dark, complex and warm tones along with the clarity and cut that Classics Custom is know to deliver.  This same unique twist on the traditional design gives the cymbals a rich dark appearance.  The hi-hats have a bright attack with a smooth, earthy “slosh” and crisp “chick”.  The 18 in.  crash has an immediate punch response with a complex sustain.  The ride provides the classic cutting ping with warm overtones and a musical bell that cuts with clarity.