Gibraltar Road Class Single Bass Drum Pedal (Single Chain)

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The Road Class pedals fuse stability, style, speed, and agility into a compact package. These simplistic pedals are crafted with a sleek, curved, G-Class pillar-style frame. Equipped with a single-point beater adjustment for easy beater placement, and a patented spring rocker arm. The single chain cam drive offers the player speed and agility with ease of play. The spring is silenced by a felt silencer to keep unwanted noise from being present during recording. Add and remove pedals from the bass drum easily with Gibraltar’s side mount hoop clamp. Features include: · Crafted G Class curved pillar style frame · Single point beater for easy adjustment · Patented spring rocker arm · Spring silencer removes unwanted noise created by the spring when being played · Single chain cam drive for speed and agility with ease of play · Smooth, fast-touch G-branded pedal board · Side mount hoop clamp for easy add and removal from bass drum hoop

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Weight 5.4 lbs
Dimensions 14.25 × 7.25 × 9 in