Satin Antique Fade Gretsch Catalina Club 3 Piece Shell Pack (24/13/16)


Satin Antique Fade Catalina Club

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Gretsch Catalina Club has received world-wide acclaim as the perfect drum kit for drummers who need a professional grade kit that simply looks and sounds fantastic. Like the other configurations, the CT1-R443C blends traditional configurations and classic tone with sleek, contemporary hardware innovations. This particular Catalina Club shell pack is the ideal kit for rock, alternative, indie, or any musical style if you’re looking for a classic Gretsch sound at such an attractive price. Catalina Club 3-piece configurations are built around the foundation of the beloved 14-inch deep bass drum that gives each of these setups a warm and punchy vintage tone. · 14×24 Bass Drum, 9×13 Rack Toms, 16×16 Floor Tom · Gretsch Formula 7 Ply Mahogany · 30 Degree Bearing Edge · Triple Flanged Hoops · Remo Drumheads


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Weight 42.71 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 6.5 × 17 in