Gibraltar Sidekick Essentials Station

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The Gibraltar Sidekick Essentials Station is a slim 16 inch. x 10 inch. table mounted onto a low base tripod stand designed to support your mixer, electronics, or any essentials a drummer may have. The wood table top is lined with soft black felt to protect your things. There is a protective edge lining three sides to prevent slippage but the player’s side is open to allow for oversized mixers or percussion accessories. The lightweight, low-profile tripod adjusts from a super low 14-1/2 inch. to 22-1/2 inch. which allows you to place your Sidekick where you need it. Features include: · Low profile accessory table with mini stand to hold your mixer, electronics, or any essentials · 16 inch. x 10 inch. wood table top with 7/8 inch. mount on underside · Table top lined with black felt to protect accessories and electronics from scratching · Protective edge lip on tables 3 sides with player’s side open · Lightweight for easy transport and set up · Place next to the hi-hat stand for discreet and easy access · Height range 14-1/2 inch. to 22-1/2 inch.

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Weight 9.46 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 16 × 5 in