Gibraltar Standfirm Stand Anchor Straps 2pk

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SC-SFSA 2-Pack

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The Standfirm Stand Anchor straps allow you to lock your snare stand, hi hat stand, or cymbal stand into position, and prevent it from moving while being played. No more chasing your snare, hi hat, or crash cymbal all over the stage during a song. Velcro arms of the strap wrap around the foot of the stand, and the body of the strap velcros to the carpet or drum rug. Only 2 straps needed per stand. They can also be left on the drum rug to mark the placement of the stand after it is removed. These straps work best with fine fibered drum rugs and carpets. · Attaches to feet on stand · Prevents stand from sliding when being played · Great for hi hat, snare, and Drum & Cymbal Stands · Velcros to most fine fibered carpets and drum rugs · Marks stand placement on rug when not in use

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