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The Gibraltar Stealth Docking Station is an all-in-one solution within the Stealth Series, for players looking to mount their drums and cymbals without using a traditional front rack. The U shaped bar offers players all the benefits of the Stealth Series, from its extremely low profile look to the removal of tripod clutter when mounting a 4 piece kit with 2 crashes and a ride cymbal. Being that there are no cross connector clamps that are used on a traditional front rack, this Docking Station is light in weight making an effortless set up and teardown, with easy transportation. Additional hex locking nuts with rubber stoppers are included for multi clamps for extra shell protection if desired. This allows you to set it and forget it. Watch how the Docking station condenses your hardware while significantly opening up the footprint on stage or practice space. Features: · All in one solution for players looking to mount cymbals and drums · U shaped bar designed to contour the shape of a 22-inch bass drum · The U shaped 1.5-inch diameter bar discretely hugs the bass drum for players who do not want the bulky look of a traditional cross bar · Easily mounts 1 rack tom, 2 crash cymbals, and a ride cymbal · Removes clutter from tripods on the floor · Extremely low profile · Light weight, and easy to transport · No cross connector clamps which are normally used on front rack · 3pk of hex locking nuts with rubber stoppers for multi clamps · Height: (inner dimension) 24-3/4-inches · Width: (inner dimension) 24-1/4-inches · Works with other Stealth Series legless snare stand accessories


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