Gibraltar Double Key Tree

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The sleek and sturdy Double KeyTree dual tier keyboard stand offers up maximum portability and style for keyboards and controllers. This sturdy, modern-looking stand replaces the traditional wobbly, stale, X stand and enhances stage presence with lightweight, expandable, and customizable options. This stylish stand has two-front and back leg supports, which will accommodate the heaviest of keyboards. Mount your 88 key without worrying about stability. Memory locks ensure precise positioning of this curvy, sleek design so that the stand breaks down quick, easy, and fits into a bag. 1st tier height range of 31 inch. to 39 inch.. 2nd tier has a 20 inch. height adjust range above 1st tier. Features include: · Sleek and sexy curved design enhances stage presence · Works with keyboards up to 88 keys ·Ÿ1st tier has an adjustable height range approximately 31 inch. to 39 inch. · 2nd tier has 20 inch. height adjust range above 1st tier · Light weight unit can be disassembled quickly for easy transport · Memory locks ensure precise positioning for every set up · Fits into a bag · 2 sets of adjustable mounting arms for keyboards and controllers

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Weight 41.14 lbs
Dimensions 46.25 × 10.25 × 7.75 in